Easter Delights!

I made these cupcake stands , ( they have a fab resin coating) out of flower pots, I will post a tutorial one day ( when i actually have humans looking at my little blog!, other than one wrinkly Shar-Pei and an easily delighted 2 year old !)

these little chocolate animals were almost too cute to eat, ah.. almost, ..... but they actually tasted as good as they looked!

we used the cupcake stands at Easter before I had even finished them ( they look cuter with their ribbons on , see top pic!)


  1. Helen, this is the most wonderful idea!!!! I would love to introduce you to everyone on my blog and tell them to come see this cool display idea, would that be OK? Your artwork is just beautiful....thanks so much for visiting me! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Wow!!, Dawn , has graced my blog with her awesome presence!! I am delighted!
    Dawn , I am so touched that you would introduce my little blog to 'your people'.
    You are so generous and supportive , thanks , Helen


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