In the pink..

I used to love this old saying my parents used to say.. "We are 'in the pink' ".. meaning everything is going well.. and rosy' I guess ..

I recently purchased 4 antique rose bushes.. old southern roses that are proven to survive the long hot Texas summer.
I am so excited to announce I have my first bloom !.. this is McClinton Tea' .. such pretty cupped petals and lovely tea fragrance.

I'm so looking forward to see what the others look ( and smell) like.
To me a rose just 'ain't a rose if it doesn't smell ridiculously gorgeous!.. haha

Luv H xx


  1. I read the whole first part in your beautiful kiwi accent and then read the ain't part in Texan. Hehe! Wish I could smell this through the computer!

    1. Yep Ive picked up the aint and y'all .. probably doesn't quite sound the same though when I say it :)


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