Dolphin Dreams

Dolphins have always been known to symbolize joy, play, balance and harmony.
What better friend to have with you in your dreams?

Number 2 in the Dreamcatcher series..

'Dreaming with Dolphin'

9 x 12 "

Watercolor on paper

                                                  Prints available at The Sacred


  1. Hi Helen.... I just found you while searching for inexpensive ideas for art booth display set ups. Love your idea using the screen doors. Love your art, and your great appreciation for the sacredness of this earth mother and all the creatures that live here. Whenever you're out and about in cyber space, come visit me at I am a poet and artist as well.

    peace and light, deborah

  2. Taj is a dolphin!! I should get this for him! Could you put his name on one? I'm texting you now :)


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