Studio views..

Just showing you a few pics of supplies from my studio.. as I am so proud how tidy it is this week ..hehe..

I love these bright colors..

I love the peeling paint on these wooden holders..
great for storing weird studio stuff'..

gorgeous old frames with lots of 'sweet patina' waiting for the perfect project..

I am feeling so inspired to get to work now with a clean space.. amazing what great energy a little clean out can bring :)

xx Helen


  1. i absolutely love getting new art supplies, it makes me feel happy! i recently got watercolor pencils which i love though i am not very good at using them yet... :)
    I am having a bit of a crush on those wooden holders... they look fabulous.

    xo sandra

  2. Ooooh! Your art studio is a work of art in itself! I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make you happy.


  3. Oh I can go shopping in there! I love the way you lay out the colors. My studio is...oh well, I have no studio. Hahah. I work in the kitchen or wherever I can steady my drawing pad, even while doing the laundry.

  4. I want to dive into the middle of all the color and swim! Beautiful and decadent.
    Love and Light ~ Leslie Michele

  5. thanks lovely ladies!!... yes pretty colors and a little order..ha .. what a difference.. thanks for popping in !!

  6. Anonymous10:04

    Having a tidy space is worth celebrating. The colours in the first picture are wonderful - and all those different containers also very sweet.

  7. thank you starry bluesky!!

  8. I love to see your studio supplies! You look very organised. It's nice to know where everything is isn't it? I love to buy new art materials too, so exciting!
    Jess x

  9. it's funny how a clean space can really make your mind feel cleaner and more organized too!

  10. Hi Jess and K'.. ooh yes what a difference a little tidy up can make ..! aaah!! bliss!

  11. LOVE the colour - LOVE looking at your supplies!! I can spend happy hours just looking at art supplies :) Anticipating diving in :) Trick of course being: snapping out of it, to get some creating done ;)

  12. Hiya Yvonne,, oooh yes lovely color hey.. some orange and blue in there for you!!..yup sometimes it's tricky to get focused and Go for it!!


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