silk,sheep, bamboo...

My energy has been a little focused in other directions the last few weeks.. 

I decided I would learn to knit myself some fingerless mittens for the coming cooler months..

I found the most beautiful yarn, it is made from silk, merino wool and Alpaca..

here is the pattern I used ..so easy , truly ...

 I really like the feel of using bamboo needles.

These mitts are so quick to knit up , they would make great Christmas gifts..

and what a lovely sense of satisfaction to know that you knit them yourself!

Great for all of you 'coy wannabe knitters' out there.. c'mon ..you know who you are!!

Have a wonderful joyful Thanksgiving' holiday for all of those in the USA..have lots of fun spending time with the people that you love :)

Hugs , Helen xxxxxxx


  1. The colours in the yarn is so beautiful! Love the pics :)

  2. Your mittens are LOVELY! No other word for those soft soft colours :) I'd love a pair... Orange & blue, of course ;) But I'm settling for looking at yours. Slowly coming to terms with the fact that there aren't, and won't be, enough hours in the day to do everything I'd love to get to. Very slowly though - and not always gracefully ;)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you :)

  3. hi Wilme! thanks , it is pretty yarn..my son took the last pic.. so is a little blurry , but we can still the heart !! :)

  4. Yvonne,, i Love how you just so love your orange and blue! such a neat color combo.. these would look great knitted up in that duo..you are right , we can't do it all you are very wise ..and graceful ;)

  5. The beautiful hands that are the instruments that paint, knit, write, hold your family, nourish your body and your beautiful gloves to protect them. They are so pretty! Love the colors and that yarn must feel amazing!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Leslie Michele

  6. Hi Leslie Michelle!.. thankyou.. I can't wait to use those hands to make something to share with you for thanksgiving;)
    xx H

  7. Me? A wannabe knitter? Ohhhh, Helen. You know me so well! Right now, my hands and fingers are freeeeeeeezing. I could so use a pair of those. Gorgeous yarn. I bet it feels soft and wonderful.

    Wishing you and the family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. hah.. c'mon Bella , give 'em a go!!!!!! we can't have the master illustrator with freeeeezing hands!!!!!

    Happy thanksgiving to you too lovely !!!!

  9. Oooh those are so cool. They are styled like the skateboard mittens except these must be worn by stylist skateboarders. I like these. You can use your cell phone with these! heheheh.

  10. Ces yes!!.. that's why everyone is now wearing them .. hehe , so we can use our phone!!

  11. Just happened upon your pretty space here...lovely photography and creativity. -heather


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