bats and spiders everywhere..

we have been taken over ..
with little bats..


and ghosts.

pretty piles of cookies in their 'natural' state.. wearing just their lovely
pale ochre and sepia colors..

I kinda liked them how they were..
but I wasn't going to get away with that :)

Have a fun Halloween !!!  xxx H


  1. Very cute cookies! The bats are my fave although that pumpkin is kind of cute with googly eyes. Happy halloween. :)

  2. haha.. I love the wee bats too!! there is plenty that didn't quite make the grade though! too bad to show so we had to scoff 'em!

  3. So THAT's what smells so gooooooood! Yummy. Those are the only kinds of spiders like, by the way. I would so relish nibbling off their legs one by one. Payback. Happy Halloween!

  4. Oh I wish I had a plane to fly south and try one of those delicious cookies! Would go lovely with my tea right now :)

  5. Hiya bella and Wilme!! plenty of spider legs for you both!!!

  6. Love them (before AND after decorating)!! I really should do more of that - baking is fun... & I feel for you, having to eat all those cookies that weren't up to scratch! What an awful chore... ;)

  7. Yvonne.. yes they taste nicer anyway.. when you are just eating the scraps! :) thanks for popping in !


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