The new studio assistant '......

Meet my new magical friend.. a gift to my artist self.

ooh.. yes ...27 inches of sparkly screen ... and just screen .. no big ugly box,  everything is cordless, yay!   I love Apple !  the resolution on this device is seriously quite mind-blowing,
 it makes my art work look very delicious! ( the fishes below are not mine.. they are sweet Mac screensaver fishies !

I'm off to Colorado tomorrow with some girl friends for four days.. feeling quite delighted about only having to pack my OWN underwear for once   ..  or not ;) ... hehe..

I'll catch up with you all upon my return.. Luv H xx


  1. lol, thanks for making me giggle :) Enjoy your trip !

  2. so jealous! I love my mac book but would also love a larger screen!

  3. Heisann!
    Put on your walking shoes, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on October 9 and link to my blog!
    More information:

    Join us ;:OD)
    Comment on my post on Sunday, and I collect the links and make a new post on Monday!

  4. Yay - wonderful! I love my Mac too :) xo

  5. Yay - wonderful! I love my Mac too :) Enjoy your trip! xo


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