Unusual collections - texture and patina

I love little unusual collections with a vintage/ botanical / nature feel, showing interesting, contrasting textures.. here is a peek at one of my corners...

The Chanterelle 'shrooms are from Fog and Swell... amazing tiny little stitches.. dyed with onion skins a beautiful warm ochre color.

I picked up this old cabinet and the vintage apothecary bottles from an Austin antique fair.

 Mixed in with some old silver and a very old tiny bible which hangs from a chain ( designed to be worn around the neck.. a very long time was passed down to my husband from his parents).

Vintage scissors, old metal implements, a cicada, birds nest and copper colored pods found outside my studio...

Love H xxxxx


  1. These are such beautiful collections! The tiny Bible sounds so precious:) and that mushroom- great detail!

  2. Thanks Wilme.. I should show the bible open another time :)
    Cheers , H


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