Texture and patina- vintage love

 I thought I would show you another side of me...

Apart from my love for nature and creating, I also have a passion for interesting patinas and textures.
Multiple layers of peeling paint and a healthy dose of rust can send me into a squealing, hyperventilating spin.
Antique shows and junk shops is like a candy factory for me.. :)

 I love pieces that show their story, can see they have had quite a history.

 With this first post I'll start with showing some new pieces I found yesterday at a big vintage show in Austin.

This delightful pie chest is over a hundred years old... it was just right for some of my old art papers and supplies

the fan still works and oscillates beautifully..

My 4 year old loves this 'new' hole punch.... little white circles are all over my floor :)

                                                                            Croquet anyone ?


  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one going crazy for rusting material! The colours in rust are amazing. Love the dresser too, can imagine some old peach pies in there :)

  2. love your "pie" cupboard,and the fan...perfect for a studio..

  3. Ooooo Helen, these are wonderful!! Don't you wonder about the people that used these in their everyday lives? The stories I bet your treasures could tell! Love ~ Leslie

  4. Great finds! I really love that vintage cabinet.

  5. I think we have a similar love for vintage. I like them to show there age too. Your pie chest is amazing!!!

  6. what awesome finds!! love that croquet set!!


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