Feather love..

I think feathers are quite magical,

as are little eggs and old leaves..

I was enjoying painting these feathers I had collected from my guinea fowl and hens yesterday..

 I took a break and went out to check on our two beehives..

lying right next to one hive I found a gift..

A beautiful, perfect feather from a Blue Jay.. so precious.. with it's deep iridescent blues.
 Happy me :)  thank you gift giver.


  1. That is so beautiful! Very talented indeed :)

  2. WOW! Beautiful drawings...I LOVE your art!! I really like that turtle on the rock. I think I might try that this weekend. :) By the way you are my Winner! I will be sending you some art on Monday. I'm going to paint something specific just for you over the weekend too!! xoxo

  3. beautiful, your painting and the real feather too. they are quite magical things, aren't they? the eggs too, their outer beauty, but also the potential of what is inside.

  4. thanks people!!! so great to hear from you all :)


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