Eating from my hand... new painting..

Hi people.. well I managed to squeeze in a good painting session EVEN with the kids home for the summer !
Hope all you mama artists out there are scheduling in some art 'sanity' time ..hehe..

I'm still yet to name this one ..

 9 x 12  -Watercolor
I had fun with this.. I had never drawn a hand before so I used my son Luke as a 'hand model'.  He is very excited he thinks his hand is famous now :)

Let me know your thoughts on a good title for this painting..

I have lots of ideas bubbling over for ideas with this concept.. stay tuned..
Lots of love .. Helen xx


  1. Aww, Helen, he's beautiful! And Luke makes an excellent hand model. YES, he's famous! It's all over the world wide web!

    Your painting reminded me of this:

    Except yours is a million times classier!

  2. haha.. Bella.. that is so funny!!!! I don't know how you find these things!
    Thanks for popping in :)

  3. perfect.Leslie :) Trust it is..


I love to read your comments, thank you xx