You didn't think I'd leave out 'lemon's' little green cousin did you?
A drop of tequila , a lick of salt and this little bird is ready for margarita time '

I know what you're thinking.. this one is very ...


Yup.. but I like green.. so 'very green' it is..
the truth be told I tried some 'Fancy Fabriano hot press' watercolor paper instead of my usual cold press... hmm kinda didn't like it..
I felt I had less control with layering.. so I guess I'm a cold press kinda girl.. ( that's how I like my olive oil too). Olives are green too .. so yes that last statement is TOTALLY relevant to this post !

Hehe.. I am just rambling..

Toodle..oo ! Luv H x


  1. I like green too! Beautiful!!!

  2. I's brought my...HIC...salt shaker with me. HIC

    I love that shade of green! So refreshing. And that is an adorable ruffled-feather look on the little guy.

    What's next, uglifruit? Nooooooo, you could never paint anything ugli.


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