Creative hump day...

I feel so very 'Earth Mothery' today.. Zackary and I made home made play dough! ...Yes... I know this is not very exciting.. but I haven't 'got around to it' for so long..

here is Z livin' the dream....

While he was thus occupied... I was able to paint another in my little series of 'birds with nice things to say' hehe... It's so great to be working in watercolors again.. fast, easy and very portable! If you have never tried .. get yourself a few colors and get playing! But do yourself a favor.. buy a decent brush.. one is all you need to start.. I painted this picture with a n0. 4 ..
Taklon round. I love em'..
hmm.. you'll probably need to click on this fella to really check him out..

Did you get any fun creative time today?

Love ..Helen xxx


  1. hi Helen! how wonderful homemade playdoh! I used to make that how fun! I forgot how but it looks so fun and colorful! my girls would probably love to play with that again! Good mommy! Your birds are so amazing! and this red fella just flies off the page! beautiful work! :D

  2. Ooo... I definitely clicked big and the red fella just popped out beautifully!!! I love the way you use watercolor, Helen, especially the rich and opaque colors.

    Now why don't we have homemade play dough here?? We always just buy the ones from the stores! Is it edible? Hehehe... Well I will look it up and make some for the kiddies! :)

  3. Oooh! Look at those pretty dough colors! And awww, I just want to squeeeeeeeeeze. The dough AND Z's cheeks. :D

    Gah. Your bird. So beautiful! And the color is so deep! I've tried, Helen. i've tried playing with watercolor, but I cannot get anything near as beautiful as this!

  4. Thank you ladies..I so appreciate your comments!
    Amalia you could eat the playdoh.. it's all natural ..but ...verrry salty ( it helps to preserve it) .. so I think a sandwich might be better :)
    Miss Bella.. are you sure???
    I cannot believe that your watercolors would not be just ridiculously magnificent!! ( like everything you touch!!) Lemme see one!

  5. Hi Helen, I have chosen you for an award! your illustrations are so beautiful and you are an inspiration to me! you may check out my blog to see if you wish! :D

  6. Helen! It's been way too long..and your work just keeps getting better and better! Yay for you, Earth mom! It's awesome that you made such fantastic dough for your son..looks like a great time. I'm so happy to visit you today. : )

  7. Hey ya Helen :) It's me, Neetz (Juanita Larkins..but now Bassett). Found your blog here :) and all I can say is WOW you talented chick you! Fantastic pictures!! Awesome Awesome Awesome! Anyway hope you're and Hugs xxx

  8. Love homemade play-dough! So much fun!! We do that as well here and it keeps the kids entertained for days!

    Love your idea for your new series of birds. This one is sure cute!

    And yes, creative time has been had here. I've also been working on a painting and am having a great time with it. (Although the colors in this one I'm working on are dark and deep, not cheerful and bright like your pretty red bird)
    : )


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