New series of work and art show..

Hi there everyone .. I thought I would share a few pics of my latest escapades..

I have begun a new series called 'Serenity within Chaos'

I was reflecting on this amazing age that we are living in, with so much technology and information available to us at the click of a button. This brings with it a lot of excitement , discovery and growth..but for many, it also creates questions that seem to have no answers, feelings of confusion, anxiety and being overwhelmed.

This new work reflects my thoughts on how peace can be found through living in the present moment and our best answers always come from within. We can be our own island of serenity while still walking amongst our world of chaos.
I am using texture, layers and movement to depict the turbulent times, framing a peaceful moment snapped in time, where those within appear oblivious to all the noise and confusion that surrounds them.

This is number three in the series called 'A Moment of Stillness'
( mixed media on canvas)

I had a full on weekend doing a 2 day show.. that was my first 2 day.. boy was I tired!.. Lots of fun though I had my friend showing with me , so we had a blast. Check out one view of our display..

It was great to sell prints, paintings, magnets and pendants.. but I was also thrilled that everybody loved my tiny ceramic pots as that was something new for me. And so easy to package up for the buyers as I had already packaged them in little sweet boxes.. here is what they looked like..

I hope you all find plenty of precious moments this week..

Love Helen


  1. Ooohh, what fun! I'm not surprised everyone loved your tiny ceramic bowls, they're very cute. Your booth looks great. Glad you had such a good time.

  2. wow your booth looked fantastic! it looks like you had so much fun and I love your new piece, very delicate and beautiful!

  3. Helen, you are full of talents! The new work is amazing, I can feel the emotions right through it. The texture, colors and the brush strokes send off so much mixed vibes, a wonderful balance between chaos and peace...

    I'm glad you enjoyed your show, your display looks like a spread of treasures! :)) oxx

  4. That is one great booth you have there Helen. I bet you were tired but everything looks so good and those ceramic bowls are darling!

  5. Love your recent works! And your booth looked fantastic, and of course those little ceramic bowls are just adorable. Great work!

  6. OMG, Helen! Your display! It's gorgeous and so regal! Had I been there, I would have stood next to your table all day, annoying the crap out of you, but really I would be basking in the glow of my very talented and beautiful friend.

    And if I were there and did NOT know you, you'd better bet your display would make my head do a double take. I'd be drawn to your work, and I'd oooh and aaah over your paintings and shadow boxes. I love that large painting in the background! And your ceramic bowls! I would be fingering each one. I love how they are so simple and elegant. They are gorgeous!

    Speaking of paintings, your newest one is a dream! The blues and the blacks are very dramatic and absolutely beautiful. This is a fantastic new series. I love the message behind it and can't wait to see more.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. Your booth is great! Oh, those little ceramic bowls are so sweet. I love the handmade look of them. They have so much more character than perfect round bowls. I'm glad you had a great show!

  8. Thanks for being my partneR in crime! Makes life so much more fun!


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