The little viking turns three !

Oh my little pirate.. getting so big.. as he said today.. " Mummy I never , no more 2.. no no.. only ever 3 now" .. with big wide earnest eyes.. as the auspicious occasion registered upon him.. aww so sweet!
Life's tough at this age.. like yesterday.. he was so sad.. he lost a friend forever.. he came in so excited as he had found a caterpillar..
" Mummy look my new friend.. he a green one.. we be careful, we don't squeeze.. no no! "
He happily went off to play with his 'friend' .. coming in so sad 10 mins later.. " Oh Mummy my friend is gone!! He fell off the motorbike,, I miss him so much all these days!!!" hehe.. such a looong friendship .( all of 10 mins!) Funny little man... ( don't worry,he was sitting on big brothers 4 wheeler bike, he doesn't ride it .. but by golly he wants to!)

The world would surely stop turning if we didn't have a spiderman cake so here it is in all it's glory..
"yay Spidey!

The 'man of the moment' wee Zackary -- 'who will never no more be 2'

( this was the only photo I could get of him standing still.. that wasn't blurry.. excited is an under- statement!!)

I found a pic of last year.. when Zackary was ' never no more be 1'

Growing up little one ! :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! My heart is overjoyed. I imagine him talking to you and you ever so sweet and tender responding to him with so much love. AAAAAAWWWWWW!!!

    I am sooooo happy for you!

    Aaaaw, his friend gone. Very delicate and very fragile. What lessons he is learning and more to come.

    Those curls! Those CURLZZZZ. I love them. Oh Helen I am talking so excitedly but I have been through this and I loved every moment. They comfort me and warm my heart, soothe my soul.

    Boys are as fragile as girls and society is so anti-boy with all of the labels and catgeorizations. Boys are wonderful. They are loving, passionate, tender, fiercely loyal, protective and most adorable. I can see Zachary growing up into a wonderful boy and man just because of that one very important thing, a loving family for refuge and a mother who is most beautiful, artistic and gentle.

    A Happy Birthday to the Little Viking. Vikings are actually gentle people.

  2. hehe thanks Ces.. yes he is an adorable little man.. he is always making us laugh.. ( well of course we can't show him we are laughing ..or we will get into trouble!) hehe
    I am seeing how long I'll get away with those ringlets.. he insists his hair is STRAIGHT!! ..
    thanks for your lovely ,warm thoughts..

  3. He is such a doll. Everyday must feel like a new sort of adventure around there with little Z! Happy birthday to him!

  4. Ah, boys are so adorable aren't they?! My son turned 3 last March and he was telling everyone he met that he's "thwee" while holding up two fingers! Well, it lasted for about a week... It was so funny to see his smug expression. Hahaha... A big kiss for Zachary from Auntie Lia, please! (^_^) oxoxo

  5. Michelle15:25

    Happy Birthday to Z!!! Precious little Viking...


    Love Sparrow with crown...sigh!

  6. I am MELTING!!! Oh my goodness, what an incredible cutie. Hahahahaha! I can hear his wee little Viking voice, lamenting the loss of his dear green friend. He is a wise one, Helen. Nope, he will never, no more be 2, ever ever again. Awwww. But now he is spectacular 3, and I hope he makes the best of every single second of it. He's grown up so much in one year alone. Gosh, I wish I had his hair. Look how bright and wide his eyes are! He MUST have been excited. Yay to Vikings!!!

    By the way, did you see this Spidey cake? Brace yourself.

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  8. Hi Michelle! yes Z keeps us all 'young'! Thanks for popping in! I hope you are feeling better?

  9. Cute Pics!

    So, you like "barber chairs"??

  10. Precious Angel has his mama's curls! Love the stories! I wish I had written all of mine down when my children were small. How are the chickens? Jess said yes!!!! ~LeslieMichele

  11. Bella!! oh NO!! that spiderman..!! brace yourself is right !! I won't repeat on here what Eddie thought Spidey was up to!! we couldn't stop laughing for ages!! oh lordy .. thanks for that!
    It is amazing how fast Z has grown in one year.. I think it would be fun to post the pic each year from the year before to compare.. thanks for visiting my 'Bella Friend'.

  12. Aww Amalia .. I can just picture those chubby wee fingers too!
    Z was thrilled with his 'Auntie kiss'!!

  13. Hey Michelle L. so nice to see you !!
    Yes my little man is getting 'all big'!!

    Glad you like the sparrow in his crown.. after all he exists from your inspiration!

  14. chef in my head..hey leslie.. yes I sooo don't want to cut those darling curls.. we'll see how long I can get away with it!
    yay chickens for you!!! that's exciting!

  15. Happy Birthday Zackary!!

  16. Eeep!! What a cutie pie! hee hee love those bug friendships. I remember my oldest used to carry a box elder bug around, proclaiming it his "bug dog". Nice.

    Happy birthday to the big guy!

  17. ...jellyfish bits... snort chuckle snort

    Thank you for that Beavis & Butthead moment, Helen! Hope you found what you were looking for under your pillow.



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