Illustration Friday... on Tuesday

Hi people, I'm back in the saddle after our 'wee setback'.. I returned to the studio yesterday finally.. , I found it pretty difficult at first without my loyal 'studio buddy'. Eventually I felt her presence around me and managed to produce this piece.. I guess it's a bit of a self-portrait.. her face reflects my heavy heart.. but the butterflies symbolize the presence of those unseen.. silent supporters and bringers of light and love.

The theme for Illustration Friday this week was 'Perspective'...
hmm. I guess this is ... 'Losing someone you love, puts All .. into Perspective..'

But. today .. the sun is shining in Texas.. it's a new day.. have a lovely , joyful day everyone!!

Love and light to you all.. Cheers , Helen


  1. This is a beautiful piece, so delicate and soft and those butterflies are so pretty! Good to see you back in the studio :0)

  2. Wow this is really beautiful...I love the subtle shading.

  3. She's pretty even when she's sad. The butterflies floating around her is a wonderful symbol of your "studio buddy's" spirit still surrounding you.

  4. hi helen! oooh i'm so sorry for your loss:( i love the butterflies and what they stand for in your portrait. lots of xoxo...jenn

  5. Helen. Awesome. This is great!

    No really, this is touching and tender. There is such grace in the butterflies, such sadness in her eyes. Both the girl and the butterflies are delicate and translucent. I love the colors you've used.

    Want to hear something funny? I was feeling somber this afternoon and drew a picture of a sleeping girl. And then I decided, out of the blue, to have some butterflies alight on her. And now I've come here, and I love, love, love what these butterflies mean to you. Puts my doodle into new perspective, too. Thank you.

  6. thanks for your sweet comments everyone..
    cool it seems people are really connecting with the butterflies! I love that..


I love to read your comments, thank you xx