Sparrow King Print

I really like this guy, he is just so down- to-earth..
You'd never know he was a blue- blood if it wasn't for his flippin' gorgeous headgear..

Aww... I just love a bird with a crown...

Yup.. been messing with my watercolors again!!

Sparrow King Limited edition print available at The Willows Nest Shoppe . with free shipping for USA and CA

Good lordy.. 2 posts in 2 days.. we might be making that new years reso' after all!

Hope you all get some good ol' Saturday night fun tonight!!!


  1. You should definitely continue to play with your watercolors. He's wonderful!

  2. Wow, Helen! He is GORGEOUS! You really, really rock with the watercolors. I think he is just one of your best! Many thanks for your kind visits, my friend. I really hope for that magic and speed you wished upon me regarding my work ahead! : ) I am just thankful I can come swing by and see your wonderful work while I'm just keep doing what you're doing..these are just stunning pieces, really they are!

  3. Beautiful watercolor!

  4. Hey Thanks so much...
    Michelle,Shirley and Lisa!

    Encouragement goes a plenty long way around here!!

  5. Good grief, Helen! How do you get watercolors to look so poofy and soft?! What a beautiful, regal little bird. He has every right to be proud.

    Reminds me of a story my advisor once told me. When he was a grad student, he was working with chickens. Well, they kept pecking each other as chickens do. So he and his fellow students cut slits in tennis balls to fashion little helmets for them! Hahahaha! But when they came back the next day, all the chickens were on their sides and couldn't get up, because the balls got too heavy for them. HAHAHAHAHA! Hope that doesn't happen to this guy.

  6. haha . I love this story Bella.. maybe I should paint one with a tennis ball hat!!


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