Samira just wants to share..

She had recently been having a hard time with a situation in her life, becoming very stressed out, drained and unhappy. She finally became too exhausted to fight it any more and decided to just accept it, as, what is'....
she let go, and realised that as she did a funny thing happened'........

if she is surrendering to what is, she can't be fighting it

if she is not fighting, she felt peaceful

surrender= acceptance = peace

..........peace is a good place .....

Acrylic on canvas
16'' x 20''


  1. Can't wait to see you birds!!
    Barbara jean

  2. Cool, me too .. hmm thinking where shall this birdie be nesting.....

  3. She just exudes peace and harmony. I found myself just staring into her eyes.. I could almost feel her serenity creeping into my being too. Does that sound weird? Your art has a power to it!

  4. That so does not sound weird!
    I love it Marie, I must admit , I kept staring into her eyes as I was trying to paint the rest of her,( I always like to paint the eyes first so it kinda brings them to life for me early on..)


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