3 am visitor...

I would like to introduce you to someone who woke me up a few days ago at 3am, dancing around in my head, urging me to let her out.
Her name is Soraya , she figured out a long time ago that she is not from around here.
The rules and regulations of Earth often confuse her so she has started having shirts printed to help her remember things that she often seems to forget.

Soraya was amazed that when she wears this shirt, that often humans will see it , smile and exhale slowly.

She is starting to think that maybe she is not the only one here who forgets this important earthly duty.......

'Breathe in..... Breathe out.....'

Mixed Media on canvas


  1. Soraya is right. We forget so often to relish this simple act...

    Love your paintings...esp. the birds in the teacup and teapot.
    Birds have been 'speaking' to me alot recently...I should sit back, sip tea and listen.


  2. Thanks so much Kelly!, yup I couldn't be without my avian ' conversations', I peeked over at you , i love your robin red box, cute little face! Sorry about your mama...


  3. That is great.
    I have a friend who made a plaque for me years ago that said only thing i had to do today- breathe in, breathe out. Some days hten, when i was depressed, that is all i could do.

    I am needing some of the freedom you are talking about in your posts. Somehow to catch a glimpse in my art of that freedom. A letting go.

    barbara jean

    Somehow to jstu let myself go in hwatever creative direction is neded to help me fly and set me freee.

  4. it has been a long time coming Barb, I can definitely see a correlation between ' how I am feeling' and my art. I think the true freedom , lies in complete authenticity, utterly delighting in who we are at our core and expressing that without a filter.
    Just going , 'what the heck' , this is me , if i resonate with you great , if not , that is okay too!

    Well I am still learning this , but it's making sense.
    Barb I am so glad , that the breathe' painting 'touched you, that is exactly what it was for , i feel that we all have periods at some time where that act is all we can manage for that time. It is not something people easily talk about, but is more common than we think.
    I sometimes wonder if depression sends us deep within ourselves to connect with our own sacred spirit and urging us to learn how to express our spirit, with our own unique voice - freedom.

    Thanks , for sharing Barb,
    , the fact you are looking for your freedom , means it's coming!


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